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Calarco's adaptation of Romeo and Juliet features four boys negotiating their way through the plays namesake as they learn about themselves and the roles they play. Often exposing themselves in positions of surprising vulnerability.


  • Student 1 by Jeremy Smith
  • Student 2 by Davis Campbell
  • Student 3 by Jackson Wu
  • Student 4 by Zac Passmore

Production Team

  • Director and Sound Designer Tim Bohn
  • Scenic and Technical Director Jeff McLaughlin
  • Lighting Designer Erin Davis
  • Costume Designer Betsy Hegger
  • Stage Manager Ashley Pratt
  • Assistant Stage Manager Emma Watkins
  • Assistant Director Virginia Hirsch
  • Props Master Alyssa Burleson
  • Costume Shop Manager Claire Abernathy
  • Sound Board Operator Jaelyn Epps
  • Light Board Operator Renisha Parker
  • Master Electrician Tyler Gillespie
  • Wardrobe Crew Head Justin Almager
  • Wardrobe and Makeup Crew Josh Donner
  • House Manager Davis Polston
  • Costume Shop Crew Brooke Thomas, Betsy Hegger, Justin Almager, Jenny Stewart, Leah Brown, Alyssa Burleson, Davis Polston
  • Scenery Construction Crew Erin Davis, Jackson Wu, Kylie DeFord, Jeremy Smith, Kaitlin DeFord, Tyler Gillespie, Smanatha Dunavion, Lindsey Miller, Vanessa Williams