1959 Pink Thunderbird is a realistic comedy focusing on working-class characters haunted by prior decisions.

ROY: But you see, when you're trying to come back to a place in your mind you want it to be how you remember it. Not how it is. This place is still the same cause the stars never change.

While obstacles that arise in the play seem daunting, there is a sense that the characters will work out their problems.

ROY: A lotta things change. But things are gonna stay the same around here.

The traverse arrangement parallels the plays retrospection. The audience cannot help but see the other side of the house and observe how they react. This serves the play by adding to the comedic element of the show. Watching the other half of the audience react add a snowballing effect to the laughter.


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Production Team

  • Costume Shop Manager Claire Abernathy
  • Sound Board Operator Peyton Miller
  • Light Board Operator Hannah Martin
  • Wardrobe Crew Matthew Stewart, Christa McLean, and Hannah Cummins
  • Master Electrician Eli Webb
  • Dialect Coach Lisa Bohn
  • House Manager Jackson Wu
  • Scenic Construction Crew Sydney Hall, Eric Keasler, Deven Parrish, Carson Ecker, Eli Webb, Irene Taylor, Emma Watkins, Erin Davis, Jackson Wu, Spencer Wagner
  • Director Marc Williams
  • Laundry and Bourbon Assistant Director Davis Polston
  • Scenic and Lighting Designer, Technical Director Jeff McLaughlin
  • Co- Costume Designers Claire Abernathy and Zac Passmore
  • Sound Designer Tyler Gillespie
  • Assistant Lighting Designer Hannah Martin
  • Stage Manager Alyssa Burleson
  • Assistant Stage Managers Hayley Scott, Carson Ecker, and Katey Little
  • Props Master Emma Watkins


Lone Star Cast

  • Roy Caulder by Caleb Silvey
  • Ray Caulder by Davis Campbell
  • Cletis Fullernoy by Davis Polston

Laundry and Bourbon Cast

  • Elizabeth Caulder by Jaelyn Epps
  • Hattie Dealin by Irene Taylor
  • Amy Lee Fullernoy by Amber Millsap

Time Table

  • Five and a half week design period.
  • Five and a half week build and load-in of scenery.