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Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play features radio adaptations of three of Alfred Hitchcock's early films. Set in a 1940's radio studio the audience observes actors voicing multiple characters as well as live foley work. The first adaptation, inspired by Jack the Ripper is called The Lodger. Next is Sabotage, the thrilling story of a woman who unknowingly married a terrorist. Followed by The 39 Steps, the story of a man who gets caught up in the world of espionage.


  • Lighting and Costume Designer Claire Abernathy
  • Jingle Composer Mary Jackson Richardson
  • Sound Designer Eli Webb
  • Hair/Makeup Designer Justin Almager
  • Stage Manager Alyssa Burleson
  • Assistant Stage Manager Irene Taylor
  • Props Master Laura Martin
  • Sound Board Operator Jacob George
  • Light Board Operator Logan Powell
  • Dialect Coach Lisa Bohn
  • Dialect Coach Marc Williams


  • Announcer - Tyler Gillespie
  • Verloc - Hayden Boles
  • Ted - Zac Passmore
  • Hannay - Davis Polston
  • Sleuth - Davis Campbell
  • Pamela - Emma Watkins
  • Winnie - Hannah Cummins
  • Ellen - Samantha Dunavion
  • Jingle Singer - Haley Scott
  • Jingle Singer - Beth Harvey
  • Jingle Singer - Jaelyn Epps

Based on the story by Kenneth Grahame

Playwrights Tom Poole & Jon Cranney

Composer Michael Koerner

Based on the classic story of Kenneth Grahame The Reluctant Dragon is a comic musical for young audiences. A child becomes friends with a dragon despite their differences. The town is quick to judge their relationship. St. George the dragon slayer hired to exterminate the dragon. But the child hatches a plan to save the dragon and their friendship!


  • Non-violence
  • "Stop Lying” to others
  • "Stop Lying" to yourself. Be yourself – non-conformist
  • Don’t be prejudiced or judge a book by its cover
  • "Free the woodchuck.” St. George (p. 32) or “Take yourself lightly” Dragon (p. 36)


  • Mother - Morgan Carvell
  • Father - Luke Guntharp
  • Boy (Child) - Sarah Ring
  • Museum Guide/ Villager 5 - Brooke Thomas
  • Dragon - Dru Ergle
  • St. George - Jeremy Smith
  • Villager 1 - Betsy Hegger
  • Villager 2 - Elizabeth Daniels
  • Villager 3 - Ali Hoffman
  • Villager 4 - Betsy Hegger


  • Scenic Designer and Technical Director Bob Simpson
  • Costume Designer Claire Abernathy
  • Stage Manager Virginia Hirsch
  • Sound Designer Cody Campbell
  • Lighting Designer Mickey Yones
  • Properties Master Vanessa Williams
  • Pianist William Kayak

Nickel and Dimed is a political and presentational comedy designed to inform the audience on the working conditions of the working poor based on the book by the same title by Barbara Ehrenreich. Taking place from 1998 to 2000 in many locations in the U.S. Flow between the scenes is critical so scenery is minimal.

“Our whole lives are subsidized.  By the working poor.  They’re our biggest anonymous donors.” – Barbara

        In 2011, the US Census Bureau reported the gap between rich and poor people grew to the widest in more than 40 years with the poverty rate at almost a two-decade high.


  • Assistant Director Paul Coulter
  • Scenic Designer Tonae Mitsuhashi
  • Lighting Designer Evan Palumbo
  • Master Electrician Mickey Yones
  • Costume Designer Claire Abernathy
  • Sound Designer Paul Cootes
  • Sound Board Operator Jacob George
  • Properties Master Vanessa Williams
  • Stage Manager Sam Cole
  • Assistant Stage Managers Ashley Pratt and Cody Campbell


  • Actor 1- Morgan Carvell
  • Actor 2 - Sarah Ring
  • Actor 3 - Jordan Phillips
  • Actor 4 - Dru Ergle
  • Actor 5 - Marina Pearson
  • Actor 6 - Brooke Thomas
  • Actor 7 - Tyler Garstka
  • Actor 8 - Dylan Worth
  • Actor 9 - Alaina Rene Kizer
  • Barbara - Madison Keubler