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Every minute of every day the Franks and VanPelts had to remain vigilant to not let their whereabouts behind the bookcase be known. Every step they took required awareness because every sound put them at risk. Existing with hardly a moment of privacy they endured the monotony the best they knew how. For Anne, this meant retreating to write in her diary. The world of the play we know almost exclusively from the perspective of Anne's writing. Her diary offers personal touches on their challenging situation that make the situation more real to contemporary audiences.


  • Anne Frank by Michaela Maxwell
  • Otto Frank by Caleb Silvey
  • Edith Frank by Laura Martin
  • Margot Frank by Hayley Scott
  • Miep by Alyssa Burleson
  • Peter by Davis Campbell
  • Mr. Kraler by Matthew Stewart
  • Mrs. Van Daan by Hannah Cummins
  • Mr. Van Daan by Davis Polston
  • Mr. Dussel Logan Powell
  • Nazi Soldiers by Hayden Boles and Tyler Gillespie

Production Team

  • Director Tim Bohn
  • Scenic/Lighting Design and Technical Director Jeff McLaughlin
  • Costume Designer Claire Abernathy
  • Assistant Costume Designer Zac Passmore
  • Sound Designer Jacob George
  • Stage Manager Irene Taylor
  • Assistant Stage Manager Deven Parrish and Samantha Dunavion
  • Props Master Tyler Gillespie
  • Sound Board Operator Peyton Miller
  • Light Board Operator Jackson Wu
  • Master Electrician Eli Webb
  • Wardrobe and Makeup Crew Justin Almager, Jaelyn Epps, and Katey Little
  • Scenic Construction Crew Logan Powell, Luis Chavez, Eli Webb Deven Parrish, Laura Martin, Irene Taylor, Mattie Robinson, Alyssa Burleson, Sidney Schoeneman, and Jeremy Schoememan
  • Stichers Leah Brown, Zac Passmore, Hannah Cummins, Justin Almager, and Meredith Melville
  • Knitter Spencer Wagner