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Ellen McLaughlin's adaptation of The Trojan Women examines the consequences of war and the extremes people will endure to survive in the face of tragedy. This presentational production acknowledges the theater and its devices as part of the world the characters inhabit.

“What shall become of me? I who was the mother of a pride of warriors. Who walked my palace floors on golden sandals amidst the bobbing of plumed fans. Shall I watch at a master’s door, or sit the night watch for his coughing child?...Wind a prating girl’s ringlet around my bony finger to curl her hair? Crawl at my mistress’s feet to hem her gown?...I will hug my rags around me at night and think of the life I had, the city I lost.” (Hecuba)

“And you think I would choose this? To be loathed by the entire world? To be the source of so much misery? I never had a choice. I was the bride of force. Behind every man who took me stood a goddess who steadied his hips and whispered in his ear.” (Helen)


  • Poseidon by Davis Polston
  • Hecuba by Molly Simpson
  • Helen by Jaelyn Epps
  • Cassandra by Alyssa Burleson
  • Andromache by Virginia Hirsch
  • Talthybius by Luke Guntharp
  • Chorus ( Koryphaious) by Morgan Carvell
  • Chorus by Brooke Thomas, Emma Watkins, Kassidy Ratz, Emily Tucker
  • Soldiers by Jackson Wu, Davis Campbell, Justin Almager, Josh Donner

Production Team

  • Director Lisa Bohn
  • Costume Designer Claire Abernathy
  • Scenic Designer and Technical Director Jeff McLaughlin
  • Lighting Designer Erin Davis
  • Stage Manager Ashley Pratt
  • Assistant Director Jeremy Smith
  • Props Master Tyler Gillespie
  • Assistant to the Costume Designer Betsy Hegger
  • Charge Scenic Artist Vanessa Williams
  • Sound Board Operator Paul Coulter
  • LIght Board Operator Eli Webb
  • Wardrobe Head Luis Chavez
  • Wardrobe Crew Mallory Donaldson and Renisha Parker
  • Backstage Crew William Key
  • Costume Shop Crew Brooke Thomas, Noelle King, Betsy Hegger, Justin Almager, Katie Logan, Rachael Palumbo
  • Scenery Construction Crew Luis Chavez, Logan Cook, Kaito Sano, Erin Davis, Josh Donner, Tyler Gillespie, Katey Little, Emily Tucker, Jeremy Smith, Savannah Walker, Vanessa Williams, Alyssa Burleson